Thursday, September 10, 2009

Furthering My Education..

Recently, I have been looking into going to college.. I'm not sure what I want to take or how long I want to go. But, its been difficult finding a college, program, & schedule that will fit me. I'm a little scared about going back to class. I wasn't good at it the first time and it took me forever to get my G.E.D.

Looking into a college I have found a few different choices, I could attend classes at RBC, RVC, & Online.

Rockford Business College is out of the question.. They wanted me to pay over 18,000 out of pocket or loans (HELLO! I have a family.) Rock Valley has its good points and classes that interest me. The schedule just doesn't fit with mine. I don't want to have to leave work early to get to class (I cant afford it.) Online classes have the qualities that I'm looking for. The one thing that gets me is not having a teacher here that I could ask questions to. What if I have a problem that I cant figure out on my own..

So everyone knows that I dropped out of high school and just got my G.E.D last September. Its not that I'm a bad student.. Its that I'm not confident in my self and my work. I'm freaked out about it. I haven't been able to sleep for the last three nights. I keep running all of the options through my head. Its allot to think about. What if i choose wrong or don't do well and what if I'm not smart enough..

I'm going to do something.. I'm just not sure yet!